Kenneth A. Megill, Ph.D., MSLS,  BA (Honors), CRM, CA

Co-owner, Secretary-Treasurer, Tan Inc., Washington DC. 1989-Present

Knowledge Application Services (KAS), President and Principal Owner.  Contracts with the National Mediation Board to manage corporate memory and knowledge store. 2003-2013.

Lead Staff, Work Culture Transformation Board, United States Air Force, 2001-2003.

Project Leader, Integrated Digital Environment Project, United States Air Force, Dynamics Research Corporation, 1998-2000.

Assistant Professor and Director of the Information Resources Management program.  The Catholic University of America.  School of Library and Information Science.  1992-1997.

Co-owner of the Straits of Malaya, a restaurant in the Dupont Circle area, Washington DC. 1989-2011.

Adjunct faculty, The Catholic University of American, School of Library and Information Science.  1988-1992.

Records Manager, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Administrator of National Banks, Washington, DC. 1987-1992.

Organizational Services Consulting, Washington D.C. 1982-1987.

Chief organizer, negotiator and elected president and chief executive officer of the United Faculty of Florida (UFF), the collective bargaining representative of more than 8,000 faculty and professional employees in Florida's public and private colleges and universities.  1972-1983.

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.  1966-1972.

Assistant in Instruction, Department of Philosophy, Yale University. 1965-66.

Instructor, Department of Western Civilization, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas 1960.

Consulting Projects

Cuadra Associations, Los Angeles.  Continuing consulting relationship with the producer of STAR, a software database management product.  Involved in creating records management and archival applications with Judith Wanger, Cuadra Vice-President.  1993-2000.

Bivings Woodell, Washington, DC.  Preparing a plan to manage the permanent records of a public advocacy organization that is phasing out.  Conducted inventories and determined ways to preserve records and make them available in electronic form.  1996-1998.

Navy Department of Public Works, Norfolk, Virginia.  Assisting in developing training plan for initiating automated records and information management systems. 1995-1997.

Mathis and Associates, Washington DC.  Continuing relationship with telecommunications and information policy consulting firm.  Participated in developing Automated Patent System.  Is it Meeting Examiners' Needs?  A Report of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  January 1995.  Prepared report to Mathis & Associates on “State of the Art of Information Technology” with Sheryl Rosenthal, Herb Schantz and Barry Wheeler, August, 1995.

Association of Records Managers and Administrators, International.  Evaluated training modules on “Technologies” and “Automating RIM” and made recommendations for improvements in training programs for records managers.  1996.

CRSS Architects.  Worked with CRSS and staff of the United States Secret Service to conduct a space analysis of file/vault/storage requirements for the consolidated headquarters office building.  1994.

Food Marketing Institute.  Assisted the trade association of major grocery stores to develop an archives.  Assisted in designing and implementing a data base for the archives using the databases Paradox. 1987.

Human Rights Campaign Fund.  Served as the first Development Director for one of the largest independent political action committees.  Coordinated the selection and development of an automated data base system using Revelation.  1986-87.

Virginia Association of Towing and Recovery Operators.  Executive Director and lobbyist in Richmond.  Established the first school in the nation for tow truck operators.  Automated their records system.  1985-86.

National Coalition for Universities in the Public Interest.  Assisted in the formation of a national coalition, chaired by Ralph Nader, to promote the public interest in America's universities.  1983- 86.

Syntactics.  Member of a group of independent consultants interested in public issues.  Assisted in preparing and writing proposals and position papers on a wide range of issues.  1983-86.

National Education Association.  Served as a member of the communications staff to evaluate and develop a communications program for higher education.  Assisted in the development of a new set of publications.  Established Thought and Action, the largest academic journal in the United States (80,000), and coordinated the first issue on “Research in Academe.”  1983-84.

American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO.  Assisted in organizing campaigns for academic and other public employee unions throughout the country.  Wrote many publications used in organizing campaigns and made public appearances in a wide variety of situations.